Friday, August 24, 2012

What's happening

Heath and Cali are stopping by their blog to say "hi". The big development at this time is that Heath may finally get to go to a cat show! (Cali is washing my hair for me as I type) I have been waiting for a local show, and we finally have one in October. I'm still debating about entering Cali, but I don't think I will. I know the problems related to her teeth are an autoimmune issue, and I don't think stressing a cat with autoimmune issues is a good idea. I'm pretty sure a cat show would be stressful to her. On the other hand, I'm guessing that Heath may actually enjoy it!

I'm giving a lot of consideration right now about the Coon's diet. As I've written, Cali in particular is addicted to cheap cat food. I'm reconsidering the wisdom following her wishes. We'll see. I expect I'll be writing more. Meanwhile, here's some new pictures.

Heath's fur has all grown back in. He does think he is looking very handsome!

Can I help you?

Up, up, lift me up! (I couldn't resist a view of Cali climbing my leg and demanding to come up, just like a kid)

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