Friday, February 22, 2013

What's next?

This update comes pretty late, I know. Heath did go to the cat show in October. He didn't like it. He only made finals in one ring, where he went something like second best longhair. He got a few points, but not impressive. He really did not like all the other cats around. The only part of the show he seemed to think was okay was being carried around the show hall between rings. So, his show career ended after a very brief start. My daughter absolutely loved the cat show. I had a good time, too. Maybe someday we'll have room for another cat to be a show kitten from the start. I think that is the only way they learn to like it. Heath had too many setbacks his first year.
If I don't look, you can't see me. 

This is not fun. 

I'm still not going to look. 

The Coons are approaching their second birthday and have settled in to being grown-up cats. Cali is doing pretty well. They both have some cute personality quirks I will share another time.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Heath is entered in our local cat show this weekend. Two days, ten rings. My biggest worry is getting him bathed the day before. He will sit in the bath tub while I wash a dog and supervise the whole process, but if I try to wash him, he turns into a biting, clawing banshee. It's a bit tricky holding on to an  eighteen pound cat that wants to leave. Husband has located our cage curtains from two decades ago, the last time we showed a Household Pet, and I've run the iron over them. I think the actual show will be comparatively relaxing compared to competing with the dogs in agility. All I have to do is figure out when to get him to which ring, and I can sit back and watch.

This show is full circle from the show we saw Heath at a year ago as a kitten and fell in love him. His ears are normal now, and his coat has grown in from his surgery. Hopefully, his outgoing, confident personality will overcome his lack of early show experience. We should have new pictures and a report next week of how things go. Wish us luck!

I'm ready, put me in the game!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cat servants

How does your cat react when you leave the house and return? No matter if we have been gone an hour or all day, the Coon siblings greet us at the door when we return. Heath in particular demands attention. Loving and petting is required. Cali insists, "up, up, lift me up". Heath spent ten minutes lounging in my husband's arms when we returned from church this morning. (It's hard to do much else when you're holding 18 pounds of cat!) They both seem to be getting a little more into cuddles as they mature. It's enough to make a person feel really loved to get such a greeting on our return. Then we realized the bowl of kitty crunchies was empty. True love, or just a play to get the human servants back to work?

Friday, August 24, 2012

What's happening

Heath and Cali are stopping by their blog to say "hi". The big development at this time is that Heath may finally get to go to a cat show! (Cali is washing my hair for me as I type) I have been waiting for a local show, and we finally have one in October. I'm still debating about entering Cali, but I don't think I will. I know the problems related to her teeth are an autoimmune issue, and I don't think stressing a cat with autoimmune issues is a good idea. I'm pretty sure a cat show would be stressful to her. On the other hand, I'm guessing that Heath may actually enjoy it!

I'm giving a lot of consideration right now about the Coon's diet. As I've written, Cali in particular is addicted to cheap cat food. I'm reconsidering the wisdom following her wishes. We'll see. I expect I'll be writing more. Meanwhile, here's some new pictures.

Heath's fur has all grown back in. He does think he is looking very handsome!

Can I help you?

Up, up, lift me up! (I couldn't resist a view of Cali climbing my leg and demanding to come up, just like a kid)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cat tree revised

I wrote a post back in February about my first efforts to buy a cat tree for the Coons. It didn't go very well. I was very unhappy with the Sugar Kitty Gym I ordered. You can read about it here. My husband finally found time to modify the Gym to make it Coon safe. He took out the useless middle condo, which was way too small for them anyway. It is much shorter now, but they seem to really like having it by the kitchen window. It is getting a lot of use, both the top and the condo. So, at least the Coons are happy now. As a  bonus, they use it as a safer route on to the kitchen counter. Which may be good or bad, but that's a topic for another day.

Heath lounges on the modified, and much shorter, cat tree

Friday, July 13, 2012


Having long-haired cats definitely involves grooming. Heath is particularly prone to mats under his elbows and in his britches. This naturally means that he is not fond of grooming, in spite of my constant efforts since he first came home. Cali, on the other hand, adores grooming. She grooms herself frequently, and has the scraggly tail hair to prove it. I've found the easiest way to keep up on trying to keep the Coons mat free is to have brush and comb handy. Grooming tools tend to live on the kitchen desk or the coffee table so I can grab them any time I notice a mat starting when I pet the kitties. Heath does not appreciate my efforts. He lets me brush him, but insists that the problem areas are off limits. Which means I've gotten fast at grabbing my scissors and snipping mats. He will actually bite to tell me off (not hard, usually), bad boy, and then gives me loves to make up for it. Cali comes running when she sees me brushing Heath. Coon princesses love their beauty treatment! Keeping her mat free is much less problem. I start out working on Heath, and end up brushing Cali who insists on hogging my attention. She trades off by grooming my hair for me to get me out of bed in the morning. (I don't appreciate her grooming as much as she does).

Cali is relaxing after a good brushing. 

Heath made good on his escape when Cali butted in.
Do you groom your kitties regularly? How do they like it?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th - We're Back!!

Dear readers, I am so happy to be posting again. The last two months I was doubled up on my graduate classes, and just could not seem to find time to write the blog. I'm back to a "normal", busy schedule, so hopefully we will keep you up to date with Heath and Cali a little more regularly.

The Coon "kittens" are basically all grown up now, and impressive cats they are! It's the 4th of July, and they want to remind our U.S. readers what a scary day this can be for kitties and their canine friends. Heath and Cali don't seem too bothered by the fireworks going off in our neighborhood, but some of their canine buddies are very stressed and even, terrified. Please keep your cats and dogs safely inside tonight. Heath and Cali suggest they hang out in an interior room with some good music turned up loud. Heath really loves his canine brothers, and is hoping the awful noise ends soon, so his best friends will feel better. Stay safe, and have a happy 4th!

I'm talking to you, have a happy 4th and keep your  dogs and kitties safe inside.

Please, fireworks are scary. 

Hang out with a friend.