Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy moments

This morning I stopped everything to spend a few minutes watching the Coons playing together with a box. There was lots of footsies going on. This happens pretty regularly in my day. They are so cute and fun, that watching them even trumps watching whatever happens to be on the television. Unless what is on is Downton Abbey! But, hey, Downton Abbey, otherwise, why be watching TV? The kitties are much more entertaining.

Cali has some little habits that just make me melt. One is that she occasionally sits back on her haunches with her front paws spread wide when she wants to play. It is fleeting, I doubt I'll ever catch it on camera, but, oh, so cute! Another is the way she runs to see her daddy when he comes home. She stretches her front paws up his leg, just like a little kid asking to be picked up. Of course, daddy does pick her up. Then she rides around the house draped over his shoulders.

Do you have any cute habits you love about your kitties to share for Valentine's Day?


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