Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Never a Dull Moment

It's not a normal day that I post, but so much is going on I thought I'd bring things up to date.

I forgot to share that Heath had a good check up on Monday. So far, his ears look good. He will have one more recheck in a couple of months.

The cat supply company didn't much like my review. I have offered to remove it if they will give me a refund AND pay return shipping. So we'll see about that. Meanwhile a friend has recommended someone local who could custom build something for the Coons. I'm hoping that works out!

The horrible news is that Cali went to the vet yesterday. I took her in hoping that what I suspected wouldn't be true and unfortunately it is. Cali is 9 months with lovely, clean teeth and horrible bright red gums. She has stomatitis. The good news is that her FeLV and FIV status were confirmed negative. This is an autoimmune issue that can be difficult treat. Basically the body is reacting to their own teeth. Many cats with this condition eventually have to have their teeth removed. Having had several papillons over the years, I am familiar with dental issues and even know how well they do without teeth. I just can't believe this cat also has problems. I'm praying better things will be in store for us soon.

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