Tuesday, February 28, 2012

this and that

The Coons got a new toy last week. I have been wanting to get them a Turbo Scratcher for a while. While walking through Petsmart, I saw it was on sale for $10. Sold! They love their Turbo Scratcher. They take turns, pounce each other, and play with it for hours each day. What an awesome toy! I put away a couple of the older toys. I'm hoping they will will be like new when I bring them back out again. Meanwhile, the Turbo Scratcher is all they want to play with.

The Biotene products arrived. I've started using the antiseptic gel on Cali. I also put the water additive in their water dishes. That has not gone over well. Apparently none of the dogs or cats in my house read where it says it has no flavor or scent. They all immediately refused to drink. After dumping all the water out, I'm trying to get them used to it by just adding a little, rather than the full strength. The dogs are doing okay with that, but the Coons still aren't impressed. We'll see how it goes.

lazy play the kitty way

a girl needs her beauty sleep after all that playing

yeah, what?

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