Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Brother and sister continue to become closer friends. I have no way of knowing if they remember each other.  Maybe they just get along because they are both Maine Coons of the same age. I like to think that they know they are litter mates. I think there is one particular benefit to having had Heath come home with us three months before Cali. They are as bonded to us as to each other. They seem very fond of each other, but both are also very attached to the humans in our house. They play together. I've seen more signs of little things, like Heath stopping to lick Cali on the forehead and Cali coming over to sleep with Heath (which he allowed), showing their growing bond. They remain aware of each other, but they also spend plenty of time doing their own thing, including spending separate time with the people in the house. I think we are very lucky to be living with these two wonderful kitties!

hey sis?... get off 

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