Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Book Review- The Merry Maines Go Country

Shortly after Heath came home I went to Amazon.com and looked up all things Maine Coon. I think the best thing I found was the Merry Maines books by Garnet Quinn. I read the first three on my Kindle, and I highly recommend them (although not necessarily on Kindle. The stories are great, but there are many proofing errors.) I was so excited when a fourth book was released in December. The Merry Maines Go Country is now available on Kindle, but I got the paperback (and it looks like the price is currently discounted!).

The Merry Maines stories are basically cozy mysteries. In order, they are The Merry Maines: a Shaggy Cat Story, The Moosery, The Merry Maines Sing a Song of Sixpence, and The Merry Maines Go Country. I recommend reading them in order. They are sweet stories with happy endings and wonderful cats, definitely G rated. I'm not going to give many story details. What I like about all these books is that they are obviously written by someone who knows cats, cat shows, and Maine Coons, in particular. Garnet Quinn does allow her feline characters the device of speaking to each other. It works well in these stories. The cats are the main characters, and we get to know them well. She nails the little quirks of Maine Coon personality. My only minor complaint with the newest story, is that my favorite cat characters don't get much face time in this book. I love the many cats who have been introduced, but somehow this story seems less intimate with the characters than the previous books. I want more Hawkeye and Bhu Fan. I do love the new character of Turey. I hope his character is developed in future books. This newest Merry Maines book introduces new human and cat characters. It seems like there is plenty of potential for more stories. I hope Garnet Quinn will keep writing them. All in all, I recommend a visit to the MerryMaines cattery for any lover of cats, Maine Coons, and cozy stories.

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