Sunday, January 29, 2012


I came home from work at lunch time on Friday. Heath was in the kitchen to greet me as usual. What was not usual was that he just lay on the floor rather than getting up to come demand attention. My mental alarms immediately went off. Sure enough, he got up to walk, and I had a limping cat. I'm always worried my agility dog is going to do something to come up lame and hurt, but the cat!? Cats aren't supposed to do that. It was pretty obviously his left hind leg, and I thought it was the hock. It was bad enough that I didn't waver too long in deciding he needed the vet to check it out. Since he was putting some weight on it, she didn't think it was broken. We decided to have him rest it and wait for Monday for x-rays if there was no improvement. He got an injection of an anti-inflamatory for his swollen hock and pain killers. Then I brought him home and put him on "crate arrest" for the weekend in one of the big dog crates. He felt pretty sorry for himself. I'm happy to say that after two days rest he appears to be back to normal. Thank goodness it doesn't seem to have been anything worse than a sprain. That cat is using up his nine lives rather quickly!
Who me? 

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  1. So glad it wasn't anything too serious!
    Vibes and hugs,