Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Biotene review

If you've been reading along, then you know all about Cali's issue with juvenile gingivitis. If you're not keeping track, she and Heath are now ten and a half months old. Biotene was a product suggested for possibly helping with Cali's dental issue. I bought three of their products, the antiseptic dental gel, which is supposed to be used short term for severe dental issues, the maintenance dental gel, and the water additive. As you'll know from my last post, none of it has helped Cali.

I started the antiseptic gel about a week before she started on her antibiotic therapy. I've continued using it, switching to maintenance just recently. It hasn't helped her. I'm also using the maintenance gel as a toothpaste for my dogs. I have to admit, I don't brush their teeth every day. Again, I haven't noticed a difference. My opinion on the gels is that they work about as well as any other pet toothpaste. What helps is brushing your pet's teeth. (tarter is not Cali's problem)  I don't recommend the water additive. All my pets refused to drink when I first added it to the water. I cut it down from the recommended amount, and they would drink, but still don't seem to like it. Don't use it in something like a Drinkwell fountain. You need to change the water every day when using the additive or you will get mold. (yes, I found this out first hand)  I have not noticed cleaner teeth in anyone.

My advice, brush your pet's teeth and have their regular dentals done.

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