Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Training the human

Heath will tell you that as a cat servant I'm sometimes a little slow on the uptake. Just this morning it took him hours of naughtiness and racing and banging around for me to get the message to get out a cat toy and play with him. He even had to resort to knocking magnets off the refrigerator, one of his less endearing little games, as far as I'm concerned. It did finally dawn on me that I should spend a few minutes playing with him. Of course, then I was trying to take pictures of him at the same time as I was dangling the cat toy. That's just how it goes.

Cali had her surgery yesterday. We thought she might come home today, but now it looks like tomorrow. She is not eating yet. From what I've read that is the hardest thing about this surgery, getting them to eat. I'm sure her mouth hurts a lot. I feel so bad for her. If you're inclined, a few prayers or well wishes for her to start eating and feeling better soon would be very appreciated. Heath particularly wants his sister home and well so he can quit having to teach the human servant how to play properly.

Enough with the camera, human. I'm hunting.

Crazy cat is triumphant! The prey is captured! (and the camera battery died)

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