Sunday, March 11, 2012

feeling sad

I have been holding out hope that the Zithromax would work on Cali's juvenile gingivitis. Sadly, after 2 weeks, it doesn't seem to have made a difference. She is maturing into such a beautiful cat. The thought of having to pull her teeth makes me incredibly sad. I'm also sad that she will be gone for a short time back to her breeder to have the procedure done (but grateful the breeder is taking care of it!). I will miss our sweet girl while she is gone. I think Cali is the sweetest cat I have ever known. She has gotten so good about taking her pill every evening. She will even come in the kitchen to remind me to give it to her. I just open her mouth and put it in and she swallows it down. I need to take some new pictures.

Son tries to hold on to an armful of Maine Coon

Heath is doing well

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