Saturday, March 24, 2012

Feeding Finicky Cats

It may not be exactly fair to call Cali finicky. It is likely that her mouth is uncomfortable. It's hard not to compare her to Heath, though. Heath never met a meal he didn't want two of. Cali is in a good weight, so I haven't worried too much.

Cali has gone to her breeder to have her dental work done. She'll come home with most of her teeth extracted. So, what will she be able to eat? It seems apparent that at least for a while she will be eating only soft food. And there is the problem. She only likes Friskies!  I am really concerned about her getting good nutrition. I having been buying every type of food on the shelf. I keep hoping she will like a higher quality food, but so far, the more it costs, the faster she turns her nose up. (why am I complaining?) I guess we'll be experimenting some more. I really don't want to feed a raw diet, and I'm not sure she'd eat that either. Maybe she will be less picky when her mouth feels better.

I'm missing my sweet girl. Can't wait for her to be home again. I have some new pictures on my camera. I'll have to upload them and see what I've got.

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