Sunday, March 4, 2012


When we first met Heath as a kitten at a cat show my overwhelming first impression was "here is a cat who will live comfortably with our dogs". He was, and is, a big, confident boy. That impression is what led to Heath joining our family, despite the fact that we were most definitely not looking for a cat. That impression has proven correct beyond my expectations. The Maine Coons get along so well with the dogs that I have taken to calling the whole group our pack/pride. The Coons remind me of the only social cats, lions, and Heath even looks a little like a male lion with their broad jaws and big ruffs. The Coons will wrestle and even play chase with the dogs. You think a dog is chasing the cat, when suddenly the cat turns around and is chasing the dog! The love to play. When treats are being passed out, they all appear in one great mass demanding their share of the goodies. I have a new picture of "getting along like cats and dogs".

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